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About Sonic Tech

Sonic Tech, Inc. offers a wide range of product development and design services under the direction of Dr. Mark Schafer, President and Principal Scientist. Dr. Schafer brings clients 20 years of experience as an engineer and entrepreneur in both acoustics and product development. A copy of his CV is available here (563K PDF).

He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University (1988), an M.S. in Acoustics from Pennsylvania State University (1982) and an S.B in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1979). This blend of academic backgrounds is ideally suited to ultrasound product development, allowing him to bring a range of specialties to bear on new problems.

He is an industry expert in ultrasound measurement technology, having worked with devices operating from 20 kHz to 65 MHz, at power levels ranging from femtowatts to lithotripter levels. In situations where there were no applicable standardized measurement routines to follow, Dr. Schafer has developed new test methodologies, several of which later became international standards.

His wide range of ultrasound related experiences has also made him an industry expert in the regulatory approval process.

His work experience has included a broad range of applied acoustics: ultrasonic wound healing, medical imaging system development, fat measurement and pregnancy detection in livestock, and high-speed automated ultrasound scanning of wood and lumber. He has taken a number of technologically sophisticated products from the earliest "envelope sketches" all the way to market introduction: starting with advanced research (11 patents) to funding ($2.3 million in Federal grants), product development, marketing (from writing operator's manuals to directing instructional videos), distribution (contract negotiation), sales and support.

These experiences have not only provided Dr. Schafer with a unique background in nearly every type of ultrasound modality, but with intensive "hands-on" project management and business development expertise as well.

Sonic Tech's resources also include experienced software engineering capabilities, from architecture design, to firmware implementation, to real-time user interfaces.

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