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Customer Relationships

We welcome your inquiries for any of our services or products. The main contact is Dr. Schafer, who can then direct you to the best company resource.

We want the initial exchange to be as open as necessary to establish the "fit" between our companies. We will execute whatever Non-Disclosure Agreement is suitable to protect both parties. Understand that after 20 years of consulting to the ultrasonics industry, we have a long track record in keeping information proprietary. If we didn't, we would have been out of business a long time ago.

We also do not charge clients for our time until a clear need and scope of activities have been established. Billing is typically on a time and materials basis, but has also been done on a fixed development contract.

We have a strict policy with regard to potential new customers: If we do not feel that we are the best possible resource for your particular need, then we will say so and help direct you to a more appropriate vendor.

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