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December 2004 - Dr. Schafer is elected Vice-President of the Ultrasonic Industry Association. He has been a member of their Board of Directors for eight years, and has served two terms as Treasurer and as President. He is currently organizing the first meeting of the UIA's HIFU Industry Council, to be held in March 2005.

October 2004 - Sonic Tech provides extensive support of clinical testing for a diagnostic ultrasound cardiac output monitor. We designed and implemented a focused two week European-based study of system performance under operating room conditions. The resulting report was used to develop both short term product improvements and long term product design goals. Based on the effort, we also initiated a program of algorithm improvements for the customer.

September 2004 - Dr. Schafer participates in a Roundtable presentation on New Perspectives on Phacoemulsification (ultrasonic cataract surgery), as part of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeon's meeting. This was done in cooperation with one of Sonic Tech's clients.

August 2004 - Sonic Tech installs an AMS software package at the Acoustic Laboratory at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This was an upgrade to an existing, custom built hardware platform. Note that this software upgrade replaced a version we had sold to the FDA ten years earlier.

August 2004 - Dr. Schafer named on patent application for one of Sonic Tech's clients, for a significant design improvement to their medical ultrasound technology.

August 2004 - Dr. Schafer makes two presentations at the IEEE-UFFC Ultrasonics Symposium in Montreal, on topics related to research in ultrasonic cataract surgery (phacoemulsification). The work helped identify mechanisms of tissue destruction (providing critical design information to the client), and also established a framework for new regulatory guidelines for the product class.

July 2004 - Dr. Schafer is elected to the Administrative Committee (governing council) of the IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control Society.

June 2004 - One of Sonic Tech's clients receives FDA clearance for a novel ultrasonic wound healing device. Sonic Tech provided all the acoustical measurement data, along with significant consulting on both measurement and regulator issues. Sonic Tech would later be involved in direct presentations to the FDA on expanding the product's approval indications for use.

May 2004 - Sonic Tech installs its second complete upgrade package on an NTR AIMS ultrasonic scanning system, for Intertek in Boxborough MA. Intertek, a division of ETL Semko, is a product testing laboratory with international scope. The hardware upgrades and AMS software package allow Intertek to conduct measurements in compliance with IEC 2-37 testing requirements.

February 2004 - Dr. Schafer and Mike Knauer of Sonic Tech, Inc. named on patent #6,684,705 "Roller mechanism using an array of ultrasound elements to interrogate wood properties". This work was part of a project to perform high-speed ultrasonic inspection of boards and other wood products in sawmills.

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